Basic information - Patents


Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, as revised in Stockholm on 14 July 1967, ratified by Romania by the Decree No 1177 of 28.12.1968 – Official Bulletin No 1/06.01.1969

Strasbourg Agreement Concerning the International Patent Classification of 26 March 1971, as amended on 28 September 1979, to which Romania acceded by Law No 3/1998 – Official Gazette No 10/14.01.1998

Patent Cooperation Treaty adopted in the Diplomatic Conference in Washington on June 19, 1970, ratified by Romania by the Decree No 81 of 2 March 1979 – Official Bulletin No 22/08.03.1979

Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of the Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure, signed on April 28, 1977 and amended on September 26, 1980, to which Romania acceded by Law No. 75/1999  published in the Official Gazette No 210/ 13.05.1999

European Patent Convention, adopted in Munich on 5 October 1973 -  in pdf format, and the Act revising it, adopted in Munich on 29 November 2000 – in pdf format, to which Romania acceded by Law No 611/2002 – Official Gazette No 844/13.11.2002

EUROPE AGREEMENT establishing an association between the European Economic Communities and their Member States, of the one part, and Romania, of the other part, signed in Brussels on 1 February 1993, ratified by Romania by Law No 20/1993 – Official Gazette No 73/12.04.1993

Marrakech Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization – Annex 1C. Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights -  concluded in Marrakech on 15 April 199 – in pdf format, ratified by Romania on 22 December 1994 by Law No 133/1994 – in pdf format – Official Gazette No 360/27.12.1994

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